8 Times Lane Kim Was Literally All Of Us On ‘Gilmore Girls’

Rory may make up 1/2 of the Gilmore girls, but it is her childhood friend Lane who is the easiest to relate to. While getting accepted to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, cycling through a series of model-esque (if immature) boyfriends, and having wealthy grandparents to lean on for money makes for a cushy and picture-perfect storyline, Lane Kim had a life much closer to what many of us actually experienced in high school.

From hiding CDs and nail polish her mother wouldn’t approve of under her floorboards to secretly joining a garage band to freezing up altogether whenever she had a crush, Lane is more relatable in one episode alone (preferably the one in which she dyes her hair purple, hates it, and dyes it back) than Rory is in all seven seasons.

Lane is both flawed and irresistible, fighting against her strict family and missing them when she leaves, eagerly lending CDs to everyone who can be educated, getting angry with Rory when she feels abandoned, but always, always forgiving here. Here are a few of her most relatable moments, and it should be more than enough to convince you that she was robbed for screen time.

When she was sick of Rory having the Best Life Everâ„¢:

“Of course, I don’t exactly have what you and Dean have because you love Dean and Dean loves you back. In my situation, I love Dave and Dave thinks that I have a decent sense of rhythm.”

When she could not explain her actions:

When she knew her mother needed no embellishment:

“And every sandwich comes with your own personal pamphlet ‘Dancing for the Devil,’ an illustrated look at the effect of dancing on your chances of spending all eternity in hell.”

When she knew she brought a lot to the table:

When she lived with boys and had to adapt:

When she had a beautiful sense of comic timing:

When she called out her friend when she needed to:

And when she was consistently the best friend ever:

Petition to have a Gilmore Girls revival focusing on the Kim family.

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