Hostess Cupcakes & MoonPies Are In A Twitter War Over the Eclipse

Today is the day of the first total solar eclipse in 38 years.

While you’re huddling with friends and hopefully wearing protective glasses in order to witness the scientific phenomenon, what are you snacking on?

MoonPie and Hostess went head to head in a Twitter battle trying to win your loyalty during this historic event. Hostess began the dispute by declaring their Golden Cupcakes to be the “official snack cake of the eclipse.”

Hostess has declared Golden CupCakes the official snack cake of the eclipse. #SolarEclipse2017

— Hostess Snacks (@Hostess_Snacks) August 21, 2017

The iconic cupcakes with chocolate frosting and the well-known white swirl on top could very possibly be a nice treat for the eclipse, but MoonPie believed that Hostess was invading their territory given their name goes perfect with the event.

MoonPie quoted Hostess’ tweet with the caption “Lol ok.” which has gained over 78,000 retweets and is still gaining popularity.

Lol ok

— MoonPie (@MoonPie) August 21, 2017

Of course, Twitter users had something to say about it.

— beer is my best friend (@christopher8289) August 21, 2017

What a time to be alive

— oxwofVEVO (@oxwof) August 21, 2017

. @MoonPie and @Hostess_Snacks beefing over a solar eclipse is why I'll never quit Twitter

— Eric Haywood (@EricHaywood) August 21, 2017

Yeah, it's gonna be a lot like this… probably. #SolarEclipse #SunChips #MoonPie

— Will LeDoux (@will_ledoux) August 21, 2017

Y'all throwing shade during an eclipse?

— Hubert Motley, Jr. 🤔🔨⛄ (@groonk) August 21, 2017

Sit down hostess

— Shook and Salty (@_Poisoned_Rose) August 21, 2017

Probably best to have multiple snacks on hand for this occasion.

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