When Is The Next Eclipse? Sooner Than You Think

Today is finally the day for America to shine – or come under a blanket of darkness – thanks to the total solar eclipse that is making it’s way across the country.

Partial eclipses can be seen through out the country. Only specific places can the total solar eclipse be visible. If you didn’t plan ahead and make it to a total solar eclipse location you should start prepping for the next one.

The next American eclipse is only a mere seven years away on April 8, 2024 and it has a totally different path than this years.

The 2024 eclipse will cross America from south to north, instead of west to east like this year. Passing from Mexico, the eclipse will travel from Texas, to Ohio and then through the northeastern states.


The lucky states that will get to experience both this year’s eclipse and the 2024 eclipse is a tiny bit of eastern Missouri, southern Illinois and a sliver of western Kentucky.

Sorry west coast, but the next eclipse won’t be any where near your side of the country.

This year’s eclipse path caused mass tourism in cities that typically don’t experience visitors. Hotels were sold out across the country and eclipse glasses were harder to get than a pair of Yeezy’s.

Start prepping for the 2024 eclipse right now. The best states to go see it are Texas, Ohio, upper state New York, Vermont and Maine.

Anyone interested in a spring break trip to Vermont?

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