Chrissy Teigen Discovered An Entire Site Dedicated To Shading Her & Our Blood Is Boiling

Chrissy Teigen has always been vocal about real issues that women face, including some topics from which other celebrities might shy away: acne, post-partum depression, and alcoholism. Through it all, she’s under constant scrutiny and has faced her fair share of haters. She usually has a quick response, thus making her the Twitter clapback queen, but the internet trolls have reached an all-time low.

Chrissy recently discovered a website made for the sole purpose of cyberbullying her because apparently people couldn’t fit their irrelevant hatred into 140 characters.

In the screenshots, people are tearing her down for her outfit choices and political views, while also mocking her post-partum depression. Chrissy usually has a snarky remark to say back, but this time, all she tweeted was a simple,  “I dunno how you can be this mean.”

Either way, it’s hard for those in public eye to win. Judged if they don’t and judged if they do. Celebs like Chrissy are a breath of fresh air during a time when people generally only choose to display the highlight reel of their lives, and sweeping whatever isn’t under the rug.

Fertility struggles, post-partum depression and alcoholism should never be undermined. Behind every public image is a human being. We should be applauding the decision of those to get real and honest about these struggles. In any case, bullying is never okay.

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