Dean Is Officially This Season’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Villain

New Monday, new Bachelor in Paradise episode. Even though New Yorkers had to wait until after President Trump’s speech on Afghanistan, college football and Jimmy Kimmel were all done to see the speech, we still got our fix.

In a surprising twist, it seems as if the shining star of Bachelor Nation, Dean, is quickly becoming the villain on BIP.

This started last week at the end of the second episode, when he abruptly told Kristina that she shouldn’t give him her rose because he didn’t want to be that invested in it and got even worse last night when Kristina did end up giving him her rose but then he went on a date with Danielle L., also from Nick Viall’s season.

After he went on the date with Danielle he told Kristina that he still wanted to hang out with her and she felt reassured about how his date went with Danielle until he brought Danielle a half birthday cake (?). Ah, Bachelor in Paradise stars, they are just like us!

Dean told Glamour that he did find love in Paradise and the way it seems to be going, he might have found it with Danielle L.

Well, Bachelor Nation was not too fond of the idea that Dean might not be the golden boy that we all thought he was, after all, a couple million of women who have had to deal with their own share of players for years might not be down to watch Dean become one on national TV.

Well, we consulted the experts, aka Twitter and it is confirmed: people are not taking fondly to the newfound #MeanDean.

The tribe has spoken, Dean. It was nice loving you but our hearts are with Wells now. #BoyBye!

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