7 Lyrics From Dua Lipa’s Debut Album That Are Perfect For Your Next Instagram Caption

I’m going to give you a little advice. You’ve probably heard it before and ignored it, just like I did. Maybe you’re much smarter than I am and heeded these words, but I’ll repeat it again for you anyway: Dua Lipa is the next big pop princess. Seriously, she’s going to take over. And the best part is that her music is genuinely good, so start listening now.

Dua Lipa’s name is probably familiar. She’s been doing well as a featured artist on a few hits and her songs have been occasional charting singles. Her debut album was released in June 2017 and she’s also gorgeous.

Lipa is making herself even more well-known with the popularity of “New Rules,” her biggest success yet. The music video is garnering hundreds of millions of views and has marked her ascension to the top of the charts, hitting the coveted number one spot in the UK and gaining even more steam in the United States.

One of her greatest strengths is her lyricism, which is vulnerable, magical and addictive, all eclipsed in a sort of dark pop production. The lyrics are practically made for a sexy selfie caption or a quote with a fun weekend snap. If her personal Instagram is any indication, her music is pretty much the best thing to happen to photo-sharing since the invention of the selfie.

You’re welcome. You’ll be grateful once you’ve listened to Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut in its entirety.

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