The Highest Paid Actors List Proves That The Wage Gap Is Real

Last week Forbes released the World’s Highest Paid Actresses of 2017 list and everyone was surprised to see that Emma Stone was number one and not Jennifer Lawrence and that there were no women of color on the top 10 list.

But now Forbes World’s Highest Paid Actors of 2017 list is out and the amount of money the men made compared to the women is astounding.

The combined income of the top 10 actresses was $172.5 million, while the top 10 actors made a total of $487.5 million.


The men made $315 million more than the women. They made almost three times more money than their female counter parts.

Emma Stone who topped this years actresses list made a total of $26 million. Mark Wahlberg who was the highest paid actor this past year made a total of $68 million. That’s over twice the amount of money Emma made and she won an Oscar this past year.

Emma Stone

A lot of people think the wage gap doesn’t exist. But by comparing the income of this years highest paid actors and actresses the discrepancy between pay days is blinding.

Emma would have ranked number 15 on the men’s list, falling right after Ryan Gosling who made $29 million. He was also her co-star in La La Land, their Oscar nominated film.

Hollywood not paying females equally is giving off the notion that their work isn’t as important as their counterparts. It also insinuates that their work is not as good or better than men.

The wage gap exists and the more we keep this conversation alive the quicker it’ll be a thing of the past.

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