We Are Here For This Newborn Kitten’s First Photo Shoot

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Why care about pictures of cute newborn babies when you can look at pictures of cute newborn kittens instead?

When photographer Kitty Schaub (yes, that’s her real name) adopted a new kitten, she realized that nothing would be cuter than taking pictures of her new baby for a fun, newborn-style photo shoot.

Her name is Luna, and here she is in all her glory:

Kitty Lee Photography

Luna was sleeping as Kitty was getting ready for a different photo shoot and Kitty couldn’t help but notice how cute it would be to have Luna do her own shoot.

If you are getting confused over the fact that the photographer is named Kitty and the cat is named Luna you aren’t the only one.

For the majority of the shoot, Luna was completely natural and sleeping.

Kitty Lee Photography

Since she is a newborn, she sleeps a lot, so according to Schaub, it wasn’t too difficult to lift her up and pose her while she was still asleep.

Kitty Lee Photography

Who knew that a cat could model better than most people?

Schaub mostly intended for the photo shoot to be a joke but after the photos got more and more traction on her Facebook page, she realized that lots of people seemed to be here for the cat posing as a newborn human child.

Schaub made a point to take the attention from the photo shoot and put it towards trying to get other cats to be able to find forever homes.

Schaub made a calendar of Luna’s photos and the proceeds from the calendars are going to be donated to Save-A-Stay in St. Joseph, Michigan.

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We hope that Luna’s adorableness inspires others to go out and adopt. In the meantime, I can only hope to be as cute and cozy as Luna one day.

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