These College Roommates Discovered That Their Moms Are Long Lost BFFs & They’re Finally Reuniting


Nothing is more amazing than reuniting with one of your greatest friends after years of no contact. These two college students’ mothers know what that feeling is like.

According to Buzzfeed, sophomore Roaya Jannatitour, who’s attending University of California, Berkeley, was born in Canada. Her father is from Iran and her mother is from Morocco.

Roaya Jannatitour

On her first day of classes, her friend from high school called and mentioned that she wanted to introduce Roaya to her friend from summer camp. Roaya’s friend said that she believed that Roaya and her friend from summer camp would get along easily because they are both so much alike. Her friend is a fellow freshman from Virginia named Nissma Bentheikh.

Once Nissma and Roaya met, they immediately became friends and discovered that had a ton of stuff in common. They are both Moroccan and born in Canada.

The two became so close that they decided to room together. This past weekend, when Nissma’s dad was helping her move in, the friends decided to introduce him to Roaya’s mom via FaceTime — and that’s where everything went down.

After speaking to Roaya’s mom, Nissma’s dad asked Roaya what her mom’s name was. Once she told him, he said, “I knew it!”

“At that point, I was very confused,” Roaya said.

That’s when it all clicked. Their moms were long lost friends, and they had known each other as babies.

Their moms were really close and Roaya’s mom was actually present at Nissma’s sister’s birth, she even named her.

Roaya Jannatitour

Nissma mentioned that she had seen baby pictures of her with Roaya all her life, and even heard stories about her mom’s close friend when they lived in Canada.

She said she always knew “my sister’s name came from one of my mom’s best friends,” but that she never had met that friend.

Sadly, the reason for that is because they lost touch after the families moved to the U.S. “My mom has actually been trying to find her mom on Facebook,” Roaya said.

Roaya Jannatitour

The girls were completely shocked when they realized.

“I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more,” Roaya said. “What are the odds that that could happen?”

Now that the moms are reconnected, they couldn’t be any happier.

“They’ve been talking and plan to meet up over summer,” Roaya said.

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