These Taylor Swift Fan Theories Will Blow Your Mind

It’s been a while since we’ve actually heard from Taylor Swift, but sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

Swift demonstrated this sentiment with a recent erasure of her Twitter and Instagram accounts, crafting only a single, mysterious tweet.

It appears to show a snake or dragon slithering through a dark space and fans are already going crazy trying to interpret exactly what it means.

Luckily, some of Swift’s most dedicated superfans are crafting some very, very elaborate theories.


Most fans have agreed that the next album is coming October 13, 2017, though that isn’t confirmed by Swift or her management.

In regards to the sixth album’s theme, it seems fans are speculating that it’s either about time or an eclipse, with either being pretty fitting considering the whole timing of all of this.

Though some fans have been busy playing Nancy Drew, others have just been focusing on getting excited for some new music.

Whatever it is, we’re happy to play the guessing game, just as long as it means a new T.Swift album is coming.

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