New Study Shows How Your Coffee Addiction Is Affecting Your GPA

When you’re in college caffeine consumption is inevitable.

Some college students are on a strict coffee only diet because of late study nights, finals week and the endless essays they need to churn out.

According to a new survey by Best Mattress Brand all that caffeine isn’t helping your studies.

They surveyed over 1,000 current college students and found out the students who drink more daily cups of coffee have a lower GPA.

Best Mattress Brand’s survey shows that the more coffee a student consumes daily the lower their GPA becomes.

The results are shocking, because coffee makes sure you stay up all night to study before that massive exam. But now after seeing these numbers you may pick sleep over chugging coffee.

Students who drank an average of one cup daily had an average GPA of 3.41, two daily cups was an average GPA of 3.39, three to four daily cups was 3.38 and five or more cups was 3.28.

The drop off is so drastic. Any college student knows trying to raise your GPA is harder than maintaining it.

The study also found out that students who are drinking two or more cups a coffee a day are getting less sleep. Those avid coffee drinks are averaging only five to six hours of sleep a night.

Everyone knows that a good night’s rest means getting eight hours of sleep at the minimum.

So what are you supposed to do without coffee in your life? Start drinking tea or matcha. They’re healthier options than coffee and won’t ruin your GPA.

It’s time to trade in your Keurig for a tea pot.

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