Just Like Any Parents, Barack & Michelle Obama Moved Malia Into Her Dorm








Moving day is a huge deal, especially for college freshmen. It signifies the beginning of an amazing four years. Not that any institution is better than another, but this is probably especially true for Harvard’s freshman class, which counts Malia Obama as one of its members.

Malia is the daughter of former president Barack Obama and the best woman on earth Michelle Obama. Malia is a certified badass, having taken a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline, already interned on big-name movie sets, completed a gap year and also making time to be a normal kid, somehow staying out of the limelight (for the most part) and remaining pretty quiet.

Despite being one of the country’s most well-known and beloved families, the Obamas have proven to also be pretty normal. Barack and Michelle moved their daughter into her dorm, making moving day nothing more than the usual rite of passage for Malia’s four-year journey.

The pics of the family are just plain adorable and what’s even more endearing is that Barack and Michelle were reportedly the typical “emotional” parents.


Because whose parents weren’t a little sad to see them go? We’re here for you, Barack and Michelle.

Malia’s classmates were happy to welcome her with open arms. Same, Harvard. Same.



Good luck, Malia. We know you’ll kill it. After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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