Terrifying Video Shows Teen Cheerleader Screaming While Forced To Do Splits


This video shows Denver, Colorado East High cheerleader, Ally Wakefield being forced into the splits and held down while screaming.

Ally was being held down by her teammates and cheer coach, Ozell Williams while crying out “No, no, no, no, no! I can’t!” and begging them to stop.

The video clearly shows that Ally is in distress. She is crying and screaming the entire time, while pleading with her teammates and coach to stop. The video is disturbing, so fair warning.

The footage was given to NBC affiliate KUSA. They reported that they were sent other videos showing a total eight cheerleaders being forced to do splits.

In an email from Ally’s mom, Kirsten said that her daughter sustained an injury to her leg form the incident.

Ally’s cheer coach Ozell is popular in the cheer community and has thousands of Instagram followers.


He was recently hired at East High’s cheer coach. Who knows if he will be there for much longer after these videos.

The Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg has seen the footage and described it as “extremely distressing.” In his statement he said that top school officials are investigating the incident.

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