A Houston Reporter Broke Her Hurricane Coverage To Save A Stranded Truck Driver’s Life

For those of us who aren’t residents of the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, seeing the hurricane’s destruction play out on the news is completely heartbreaking. We’ve watched as senior citizens sat emerged in water, as families remained stranded and as homes were destroyed. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be a victim in such a disaster, and one Houston, Texas reporter decided to do her part in heroically saving someone from becoming another casualty of the disaster.

Brandi Smith is a journalist for Houston’s KHOU and TEGNA. She was covering the hurricane for a live broadcast, standing on a bridge overlooking a flood, when she realized that a semi-truck driver was sill in his submerged, sinking vehicle.

Smith acted fast, flagging down a sheriff’s rescue boat and helping the driver, Robert, escape. She did it with the help of a photographer, Mario Sandoval, though their video camera’s signal died, cutting off the video of the escape.

Smith posted the full video on her Twitter.

Many applauded her for stepping beyond her obligations as a reporter and doing the right thing, though they also questioned whether she or the crew or the driver were harmed in the end.

Luckily, all parties involved were just fine. Smith thanked everyone for their support, while also giving credit to Sandoval, who she said “spotted the truck.”

As heartbreaking as it is to watch this disaster play out on the news and social media, it’s at least heartwarming to watch so many people make a difference. Brandi Smith is just one of those inspiring us to reach out and do the right thing. Our thoughts are with the residents of the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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