These Photos Of Hurricane Harvey’s Floods Show The Damage Houston Is Facing Right Now

Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston metro area this weekend, becoming the first Category 4 storm to hit the U.S. in over a decade. Several fatalities have been reported, and at least a dozen people are injured, CNN reports. The storm was downgraded to a tropical storm by Sunday morning, but now residents are dealing with another form of danger — flooding.

Houston and surrounding areas of Texas are now grappling with a severe inland catastrophe. A flash flood emergency has been declared for parts of Houston, and National Weather Service is urging residents to avoid traveling. Harvey dropped over 20 inches of rain on the Houston metro area, and the Weather Channel predicts the rain will continue, and that total could increase to 40 inches.

“It’s going to last four to five days,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told CNN. “This is Day One.”

Residents affected are being told to seek refuge on their roofs rather than attics, the Guardian reports, and police and the Coast Guard are working to evacuate those in danger.

Photos posted to social media are showing the rest of the country the extent of the flooding Houston is grappling with right now.

How to help:

  1. Donate to to support disaster relief. They are providing shelter and supplies to people in need.
  2. Don’t have money? Donate your blood to South Texas Blood to help people in South Texas hospitals.
  3. Donate to the Salvation Army here.
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