The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Just Dropped Her First Rap Single

You thought you saw the last of her? Think again. Danielle Bregoli, more aptly known as the “Cash Me Ousside” girl, is about to make bank in a recording studio.  Bregoli is officially launching her rap career under the name Bhad Bhabie. Just to set the record straight, it’s supposed to be pronounced as “bad baby” according to TMZ. To be honest, I thought it was “bad barbie” the first time I read it.

Somehow TMZ managed to obtain a short snippet of her upcoming single, “These Heaux” (pronounced “Hoes”). (I’m sure all these spellings are making my editor go crazy, because they’re really triggering me.)

It looks like Bregoli isn’t scared to call out all the fakers right off the get go. Under her new stage name, she goes on to boast about her money and fame. One line has her saying “These hoes be lackin’, see me in back and. . .they talk all shit Sh*t but don’t say it in person.”

Girl, you’re 14. Chill.

Following the leak on TMZ, Bregoli also released an auto-tuned short of the song on Instagram. She even threw in the single’s album art: a photo of her crouching in front of a fancy sports car. It looks like she’s about to drop a hot mixtape, although I can’t say her first single hit the mark just yet.

Just recently, Bregoli was recently sentenced to five years of probation for a string of offenses, including falsely accusing her mother of using heroin and stealing a car. The 14-year old managed to avoid jail time after pleading guilty to multiple counts of theft, false accusations and marijuana possession. Instead, she was sent to a ranch in Utah for troubled teens. According to the Palm Beach Post, Bregoli was required to take courses in sexual education, domestic violence and anti-theft, 100 hours of community service, and a strict curfew.

Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli is definitely one to watch. I’ll get the popcorn ready for all the drama that’s sure to go down.

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