10 Bombshells From Kim Kardashian & North West’s First Magazine Cover











North West is only four-years-old, but she has been a fashion icon since birth. Now the toddler has finally scored her first magazine cover and you bet it’s controversial.

Northie and her mom Kim Kardashian West are on Interview’s September issue and they are dressed up like Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Caroline Kennedy. It is definitely a play on the fact that the Kardashian’s are the royal family in America and Kim is the HBIC. But comparing them to the Kennedy’s is a stretch to some people.

The mother and daughter duo do look stunning, there is no doubt about it. But with the tagline “America’s New First Lady” heads are definitely going to be reeling.

Kim was interviewed by Janet Mock and North even has her own mini interview. Kim’s interview is a bit more serious than North’s (just kidding it’s a lot more) and mostly focuses on how Kim and her family invented the modern American dream. They were just a rich family living in Calabasas who became famous and built a brand around themselves.

North’s interview is cute because she is interviewed by other famous celebrity children. For her first interview EVER the four-year-old shows enthusiasm and charism. Kim and North shared some interesting bombshells. These are the top ten bombshells from their interviews.

Saint West is already studying music

While Kim was telling Janet about a normal day for her when not filming she mentioned that in between all of her work “I’m taking my son to a music class and my daughter to a horseback riding class.” He is Kanye’s son so it was only a matter of time before he’s in the studio recording beats and producing albums.

KUWTK films everything then edits out later

Even after Kim’s robbery she says that her boundaries have changed but she still shared everything on the show. When the show is edited that’s when her boundaries come into play and will edit out certain parts.

Kim is the “ringleader” not Kris

Kim said that if her or one of her family members is being talked about she is the one that spearheads the conversation. “It’s usually me starting a group chat,” said Kim. “I’ll be the first to hum in and say, ‘Guys, I’m seeing this. this is not cool. Tell me what’s going on.’ I’m usually the ringleader for stuff like that.”

If KUWTK crashes and burns Kim has a career lined up

For some strange reason if the Kardashian’s empire crumbles Kim thinks she could “so be a publicist.” One of her best friends is Kanye’s old publicist and she feels like in some ways that her role within her family is the same as a publicists. I know I would hire Kim in a heartbeat.

Kim wanted to be famous enough for Us Weekly

Janet pressed Kim on what her sights were set on when KUWTK started. What she wanted to get out of (what was thought to be) her limited time in the spotlight. Kim said she wanted “stupid little things” like a fashion moments spread in Us Weekly. “There was this pad in Us Weekly that I remember vividly. it’s just a spread, and it has one person and all of the fashion moments that they love.” She said when she got her moment she was so excited.

North has a nickname that isn’t Northie

Kaia Gerber asked North what her family calls her and to our shock she answered “Bubs.” Out with Northie and in with Bubs.

North is a daddies girl

Sean and Jayden Federline asked North what her favorite song is and of course she picked a Kanye song. North’s favorite track is “Amazing” and proclaimed that it’s “So amazing!”

North’s favorite Disney Princess is…

Jasmine! She told Millie Bobby Brown that even though Jasmine is her favorite she wants to have a princess birthday party for her fifth birthday.

North is a natural beautician

North told Andy Warhol that she is can paint her nails “very well” all by herself! We also found out her favorite color is rainbow, so I’m guessing her nails are fun colorful when she paints them.

Penelope Disick isn’t North’s BFF

When Millie asked North who her BFF was she said her mom (cue the aw’s). But Penelope Disick interviewed North and there’s no denying these two are practically sisters. Even Kim talked about their special bond in her interview.

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