#SignsOfABadRestaurant Is Trending On Twitter & It’s Hilarious

I guarantee we have all had an unfortunate experience at a restaurant.

Whether it’s just slow service or a hair in our soup, it happens, but no one quite expresses themselves like the people of social media. #SignsofaBadRestaurant is currently trending on Twitter and while many are truly disgusting, most of the posts are hysterical. Everything from human feces to cracks at Donald Trump, Twitter users seemed to cover it all. There were thousands of responses with more coming in by the second, but I hand-picked some of my favorites for you.

Hope you enjoy!


Any restaurant that makes you feel that you shouldn't be there.#SignsOfABadRestaurant pic.twitter.com/XwvS8DIDYH

— Nolene Dougan #TrustAllWomen #NowForNI #MAIGA (@NoleneDougan) August 28, 2017

When they tell you how bad thay are
#SignsOfABadRestaurant pic.twitter.com/fBNted0fuO

— Dagnabbit (@dagnabbit73) August 28, 2017

The waitress spells ' Get Help' in the peas #SignsOfABadRestaurant

— craig onetweetwonder (@craigflynn1) August 28, 2017

#SignsOfABadRestaurant — Menu says: All our meat died of natural causes!

— Kevin (@kevinwxgg) August 28, 2017



There's a barf bag attached to each menu pic.twitter.com/Xmfcjpxhz3

— Helen Mary Christmas (@HelenMaryMe) August 28, 2017



It's an "authentic Mexican" resturant and everyone working there is white.

— Justina Anderson (@teenuhtuna) August 28, 2017

#SignsOfABadRestaurant When all you hear from the kitchen is the familiar sound of a microwave cooking your entire dinner

— milo 🌿🦕 (@scarfff) August 28, 2017

Their selection of appetizers doesn't include mozzarella sticks #SignsOfABadRestaurant

— The Blonde Libertarian Witch (@KatieTierneyH) August 28, 2017

They have a sign that reads
"Sorry,We're Open".

— Erin Walker (@erinwalkerOHIO) August 28, 2017

When You just start eating and they bring you the check, and still say "no rush" #SignsOfABadRestaurant

— Stuart Mendoza 🇸🇻 (@stuartmendoza) August 28, 2017

#SignsOfABadRestaurant The owner lets her toddler run naked through the kitchen and dining area

— Janelle Kennedy (@JanelleK21) August 28, 2017

It has a @tacobell sign out front #SignsOfABadRestaurant

— Jack Jones (@New1000AD) August 28, 2017

Shitty cuisine

#SignsOfABadRestaurant pic.twitter.com/s4lETvITkU

— MrsLibertas™ (@Bloviate_Barbie) August 28, 2017

There's no pizza on the menu #SignsOfABadRestaurant

— Dan Baldwin (@TheDanBaldwin) August 28, 2017


These are few #SignsOfABadRestaurant pic.twitter.com/GNRoyHSFPv

— Being Yakin ® (@ItsYakin) August 28, 2017

If you want more, the website Dinners from Hell contains hundred of stories from customers with bad restaurant experiences, some so bad that you might start cooking at home more often.

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