You’ve Probably Been ‘Cushioned’ & Didn’t Even Know It

Online dating is a battlefield and there are always new terms coming up out of no where.

You can be ghosted, zombied, stashed and now cushioned.

What is cushioning? Well it is another awful term about an awful dating action. Cushioning is when someone is already in a relationship, but hops back on the dating scene to get dates lined up for when they are sensing a break up.


I told you cushioning was bad. Men are just prepping for when cuffing season is over and they want to make sure their options are stacked.┬áNot only is it unfair for the person that they’re seeing, but it’s also unfair to you. You’re nobody’s backup plan!

A lot of people might get this confused with another dating term called benching. Benching is way more common than cushioning and more acceptable in the online dating world. Benching is when someone is dating multiple people so sometimes you “get benched” while they’re out with someone else. They have a rotation of people to go out with.


This is okay because dating has become more casual thanks to online dating and they don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend! They’re just casually dating, which is totally fine.

What isn’t fine is lining up dates so you’re ready when you dump your partner. If you’re that miserable in a relationship than just cut to the chase and break up with them.

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