American University Cracks Down On Illegal Fraternities

American University has dismissed 18 students and put one on disciplinary probation for activity linked to an unofficial fraternity, Epsilon Iota (EI).

The 18 students were dismissed due to violations of the student conduct code based on physical violence, hazing, underage drinking, and engaging in an unrecognized campus group.

The Eagle

The school has been trying to crack down on unofficial student groups. EI was created after Alpha Tau Omega was disbanded in early 2001 for hazing and alcohol violations. Since then 60 students affiliated with EI have been charged with student conduct code violations.

American’s assistant vice president for university communications, Camille Lepre told The Eagle, the camps newspaper, “We will continue to vigorously hold individual students and groups accountable through the student conduct code if they engage in prohibited conduct, and we will make criminal referrals as warranted.”

This isn’t the first time EI has made national news. In 2014 the unofficial fraternity had 70 pages of emails and texts leaked of members referencing sexual assault, drugs and criminal activity. The leak was after two members assaulted a former pledge and attempted to run him over.

In American’s statement they explained their reasoning for 18 student dismissals, “This group has perpetuated and systematically presented a threat to safety and well-being of our students,” said Fanta Aw, the university’s interim vice president of campus life.

Aw wanted to send a strong message to students condoning EI’s actions and those of any illegitimate student group.

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