Young Model Speaks Out About Prostitution In The Fashion Industry

On the surface, the fashion industry looks amazing. Beautiful models are swathed in expensive clothing and seem to live in the lap of luxury. Unfortunately, there are also dark dealings in the industry that women are often dragged into to get ahead.

A young model claims that prostitution is considered a norm within the fashion industry after being offered large sums of money to sleep with wealthy clients.

London-based model Jazz Egger, who recently turned 20, revealed that large agencies and their models are often involved with shady backroom dealings. Egger was once told by two unnamed supermodels that they even “spent time” with men to get a leg up in their career. Some girls have been paid up to $2 million to be intimate with rich clients.

Egger was offered her first shady deal last summer at an exclusive London Club. The client proposed an “image modelling job” which involved a Greek yacht trip with three millionaires. The alarm bells are already going off in my head. Egger politely declined the offer, however she was propositioned again by another man who invited her to dinner. He also advised that she would need to be comfortable with any “natural intimacy” that followed.

His official offer read:

Thursday 17th private meet: private meet with one of my best clients, in the chiltern firehouse hotel, young handsome Iranian guy, drinks, talks followed by natural intimacy. client is a famous actor, name cannot be disclosed, girl required to wear heels and nice dress. behavior must demonstrate exquisite class. fluent english only.

PAY: £2000 time: 1-2 hours

What the hell?

Egger replied that she was “a model and not an escort!” However the man, only known as George at this point in time, tried to justify his offer by claiming “It’s the most normal thing in the industry, everyone does it.”

To add more fuel to the fire, he continued to spam her phone while claiming that other famous models have delved in backroom deals like this for a long time and that it helped them rise in the competitive fashion industry. Egger later told Daily Mail, “I would never sell my body in such a matter. I couldn’t combine it with my morals really. I still respect those who do accept such offers. What made his offer highly questionable to me is that he asked me to keep quiet about it. This can’t be okay.”

Since a young age, Egger has been passionate about modeling. She started at 13 and also participated in Germany’s Next Top Model and Elite Model Look. Despite being part of the industry for seven years, she has stuck to her morals. She’s spoken out against body shaming, sleep deprivation, and the media pressure on young models to build a large Instagram following.

“There’s so much wrong with this industry and I am going to do whatever it takes in order to change it,” she said. “It might take centuries, but you have to start somewhere.”

We need to break this ideology of what is the norm and think more of what is morally acceptable and healthy. A woman shouldn’t have to sell her body to get ahead in life. A man shouldn’t justify lust by saying “there’s no shame in it.” Prostitution should never have an impact on someone’s worth.

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