Twitter Is Roasting Melania Trump’s Hurricane Harvey Outfit

Today President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania landed in Corpus Christi, Texas to help out and support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Millions have been displaced and there is no telling what the death count is at. Help and aide is desperately needed in Texas right now. So when Melania showed up to “help” is stilettos the internet was no having it.

She is usually wearing super high heels, but today the internet is not having it. Mostly because she will be visiting a city that has been submerged in floodwater and torn apart due from winds. From just a mere citizen’s perspective if I was to go help a region that has suffered a natural disaster I would be wearing reasonable clothes and footwear.

Not only has Melania been criticized for her footwear on this trip but also her headwear. The First Lady was spotted wearing a black hat with huge white letters spelling out “FLOTUS.” Seems like her and Donald can’t stop making hats and creating a brand for themselves.

Needless to say Twitter took care of roasting Melania’s unreasonable Hurricane Harvey wardrobe.

But honestly we should all be focusing on how Donald Trump is worried about the turn out at his speech when millions of people have been displaced.

The irony is palpable. It’s also ironic that this is the same day, three years ago, that former President Barack Obama wore a tan suit and everyone freaked out.

Clothing is weirdly an important part of the presidency and it’s not changing any time soon. So wear sensible shoes.

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