Here’s How ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestants Prepared For Their Time On The Island

Contestants of The Bachelor are under a lot of pressure when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

The cast members not only have to look good for a potential significant other, but also for the screens of millions of viewers. On Bachelor in Paradise, the contestants have the added stress of looking good in a tropical location. It’s hot, humid, they have to deal with the saltiness of the ocean and on top of all that, there isn’t any air conditioning. Ever try to keep your hair tame at the beach? Literally impossible.

Refinery29 chatted with some of the women of the current season of Bachelor in Paradise to see how they handled the heat.

Understandably, bikinis tend to be a major part of the girls’ wardrobes.

“I got a Brazilian wax and lasered my mustache and armpits,” Alexis Waters said.

“I actually waxed for the first time for Paradise!” Dominique Alexis added. “It was quite the experience.” She also planned her hair around the weather. Since she usually went with straight hair, Alexis decided to get her hair braided before filming because of the intense humidity.


Many of the other contestants scheduled haircut and color appointments. Lacey Mark said that she colored her dark brown hair an extra shade darker because she knew that being the sun all of the time would lighten her hair pretty quickly.

Kristina Schulman went the opposite direction and made her dark hair lighter in order to work with the sun instead of against it.


There were also pre-show gel manicures, lash extensions and spray tans, of course.

Danielle Maltby said that the show was an extra push for more permanent procedures. “I decided to get breast augmentation before I decided I was going on Paradise. I wanted to have curves and feel womanly,” Maltby said. “But I will admit that the thought of being on TV all summer in a swimsuit was making me uncomfortable, because it was so hard for me to find swim tops that I felt comfortable in. I was criticized for wearing a deep V on Women Tell All because I didn’t have the ‘right’ amount of chest for it. But had I had a chest and worn the same outfit, I’d have been criticized for having them out there! You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”


Did I mention that the hotels didn’t have air conditioning?

While getting ready, the women would situate themselves in front of one of the many fans around the resort in order to stay cool. And of course with the humidity, styling their hair was an issue.

Mark said, “I have really thick, frizzy, wavy hair, so the humidity was a tough battle and anything related to taming my mane was the most important for me. My Chi straightner, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and Sebastian Shaper Hairspray were godsends.”

Others disregarded heat products altogether, including Maltby. “I’d shower at night, then put Bumble and Bumble sea salt spray in my hair, and let it dry overnight. Can you imagine using a hair-dryer when it’s 90-plus degrees?”

The humidity affected pretty much everyone when it came down to makeup. Alexis said, “My Ulta setting spray and Makeup Revolution loose banana powder were my go-tos. They worked really well to keep my face looking fresh and matte despite the extreme humidity.”

Mark claimed that she mixed Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray with Lancome Teinet Idole Ultra 24H Foundation to stay flawless through “the sweat and tears.”

But honestly, no one wants to wear makeup when it’s so hot. Waters said, “I was hot as balls the whole time, so I honestly didn’t wear makeup that much.”

It was also a lot about balance and trying to look like you were going to the beach instead of the club so it was all about neutral colors.

It’s tricky being on reality TV, but all of the women looked stunning.

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