Cardi B Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Cardi Dating Now?

By now everyone has heard the summer 2017 anthem “Bodak Yellow,” written by the rags to riches rapper Cardi B.

Cardi B’s rocket to stardom all started on Instagram, where she posted outrageously funny and raunchy videos. Through social media, she was able to gain over half a million followers and was contacted to join the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York, where she started her music career.

One of the things that makes Cardi B so relatable is her down to earth and genuine personality. She keeps it real and has always been extremely honest when it came to her love life. Let’s walk down memory lane and take a look at who’s been by her side during her rise to fame. Here is the tea on Cardi B’s dating history.

Tommy Geez 2016

From Cardi B’s debut on LHHNY, she made it known that she was in a committed relationship with Tommy Geez, who happened to be in jail for gun charges. At one point in time, Cardi stated on Instagram that she wanted to marry Tommy while he was in still prison. Cardi said, “I will get married in a freeway cause that’s how much I love him.”

Throughout their relationship fans criticized Cardi B for staying with Tommy due to his incarceration, but Cardi B ignored the haters and stayed loyal to her man.

In late 2016, things took a turn for the worse and Cardi B  tweeted that the relationship was over. She tweeted that Tommy had told her he was talking to other girls, though he eventually admitted that he lied.

After the relationship officially ended, Cardi tweeted that she still vowed to marry Tommy when he gets out of prison.

Swift 2016 – 2017

During Card’s time in reality TV, she was introduced to a music producer named Swift. Swift and Cardi shared a passionate kiss on camera.

Swift’s girlfriend didn’t seem to like the idea of him kissing other girls and the three had a very loud and heated fight about the kiss on the show. Later, Cardi B told Swift that she wasn’t ready to get into a new relationship after her breakup with Tommy.

Offset 2017 – Present

In a recent turn of events, it seems like Cardi has completely gotten over Tommy and has now jumped into a new relationship with Migos rapper Offset. Rumors began circulating about the two after they were spotted together celebrating the 2017 Super Bowl.

On Valentine’s Day, Cardi officially announced the relationship and posted a video of herself and Offset with the caption, “Oooh Hey babe,” and the lips emoji. Offset confirmed the relationship in her comment section with the boyfriend and girlfriend emoji.

Since then, the couple has been active on social media, posting about their relationship and even their strip club escapades. Recently, there have even been rumors of marriage, but Card B has put those rumors to rest in a recent interview during the VMAs.

While it is unknown if this couple will go the distance, there is one question on every fan’s mind: Where is the follow-up to “Bodak Yellow”?


The relationship between Cardi B and her boyfriend Offset is going smoothly even after the harsh ups and downs.


Cardi B has taken Offset to Grammy’s and after the award, they have again started dating each other.

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