This Mom Got Arrested For Letting Her 12-Year-Old Child Get A Tattoo

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There are controversies and then there are stories like this that are more than controversial, but down right crazy.

While at a school dance a fifth-grade teacher noticed that a 12-year-old girl had a tattoo of a cross with the words “Jesus Saves” on her shoulder. The police were called and the story unraveled from there. Because the girl is underage we don’t have a photo of the actual tattoo, but this is a drawing of what it looks like. Her mom, Emmie Nolan, was arrested for allowing her to get inked.

11 Alive

The police found out that amateur tattoo artist, Brenda Gaddy tattooed three underage children while at a Super Bowl back in March. The police were shown a video of the tattooing confirming it was Brenda who gave the illegal ink.

Emmie Nolan, the mom of the 12-year-old, was also arrested with being a party to a crime. Lt. Jason Fetner of the Coweta County Sheriff’s office said, “Each of the parents had a different story, and it boiled own to, frankly, just finger-pointing,” he told 11 Alive.

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Originally the girl said that she was forced by her father to get the tattoo. She said her mom didn’t know and when she found out Emmie and her dad got in a big fight. Her father denied the story. Later the girl changed her story and said she wanted to get the tattoo. Brenda said she had permission from Emmie to give her daughter the tattoo.

The news station posted a poll on their Facebook page if underage tattoos are appropriate? The reaction has been mixed and heated. But most people are criticizing under 18 tattoos, while the people in support say it’s no different than getting your kids ears pierced.

It’s hard to pick which part of this story is the craziest. The fact that adults witnessed kids getting tattoos and didn’t do anything or maybe the parents okaying the whole thing.

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