Justin Bieber’s Balls Are The Cause Of A Serious Lawsuit








This past May, a report from TMZ claimed that Justin Bieber was admitted to Northwell Health on Long Island for a twisted testicle from a soccer injury.

Sources said that Bieber believed he had a testicular torsion, which is a serious condition that almost always requires surgery. After a doctor examined the pop star, it was discovered that he did not have the condition, so Bieber left the ER and carried on with his life.


A former employee of the hospital, Kelly Lombardo, is asserting wrongful termination based on a false allegation that she illegally accessed Bieber’s medical file while he was being treated.

Lombardo says that she never accessed the star’s medical file even while having heard a rumor that Bieber was in the hospital for a sexually transmitted infection. But apparently, someone did access the files. After Lombardo claimed that she wasn’t the one responsible, her employers pushed the accusation further because of her gender and youth.

Lombardo is now taking the case of gender discrimination and wrongful termination to the New York State Division of Human Rights.

Her lawyer, David H. Rosenberg said, “My client was a moral employee who had respect for patient privacy and never accessed Justin Bieber‘s file.”

Rosenberg continued, “She was told generally, ‘You are a young female, you’re not curious about what he was doing in the ER?’ And they fired her.”

Lombardo had worked at Northwell for over a decade and was “emotionally distressed” over the termination.

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