Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Are Engaged










Bachelor Nation isn’t known for its high success rate. More often than not, couples that found “love” on the show (thanks, production!) tend to breakup, though there is a lot of drama, crying and fighting in between their first meeting, any rose passing and the big split itself.

According to Us Weekly, Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth are hoping to break the curse, because they’re allegedly engaged.

This season of Bachelor In Paradise hasn’t been without its fair share of exhausting drama, and Nolan and Peth have been in on it with their own issues. They fought on the series after Nolan expressed her concerns only for Peth to respond with a simple “f*ck you.” The August 29 episode ended with the two reuniting and honoring the “magic” (CLASSIC) of their romance. *Swoon.*


Nolan and Peth made an immediate connection in the first episodes of the series, though they faced some ups and downs in their courtship. Nolan and Peth both experienced heartbreaks on Nick Viall and Jojo Fletcher’s seasons respectively.

The couple has apparently moved on from the drama, getting engaged during an August 30 taping of the Bachelor In Paradise aftershow. The mental health counselor said yes after the commercial banker got down on one knee and shocked the audience.

Of course, Peth proposed in classic Bach style. “Derek and Taylor got engaged last night,” a source tells Us. “No one knew Derek was going to propose. He gave her a Neil Lane ring.” Neil Lane is a favored designer for the franchise’s proposals, and of course, it wouldn’t be the usual show without a big surprise.

To keep up with their romance and the love of so many others, watch Bachelor In Paradise every Monday at 8:00 P.M. EST.

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