School Syllabus Goes Viral After Teacher Cancels Class For Beyonce’s Birthday

It’s that time of year again. College students are hitting up RateMyProfessor and comparing which classes have a better grading curve. Some students put more effort into choosing my classes compared to actually doing them. Let’s face it. We want to get the grade for the least amount of work, and the thing we judge most is a teacher’s syllabus. Following the syllabus is the key to surviving the semester. It lets us know when assignments are due,= and tells us important dates like national holidays or even personal days that the teacher needs off.

One teacher in particular takes birthdays very seriously. A Twitter user posted a picture of a teacher’s syllabus revealing that students have the day off for someone’s birthday on September 4. The post quickly went viral and has since gained over 25,000 likes. So, who is the lucky birthday girl? Beyonce!

No, that’s not a typo or a mistake. This teacher, likely a member of the Beyhive, wants to give homage to the Queen. Naturally, colleges tend to give their students that day off anyway since it’s also Labor Day, but the fact that she’s celebrating Beyonce’s birthday over a national holiday is awesome.

Other Twitter users quickly reacted to this golden gem.

That last tweet isn’t even a joke. If you squint just hard enough you can make out the next day off is someone’s birthday, too. Unfortunately, with all funny tweets like these, some people just have to spoil the fun for the rest of us. Let us live!

Yes, we know. September 4 is Labor Day, but if a teacher wants to be a little sassy on their syllabus, I say do it. Besides, if it makes her students laugh even a little before the semester starts, then I say that’s a job well done. The teacher’s name has not been revealed at this time, but I’m sure her class would fill up quickly if students found out how fun her class must be.

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