Disneyland Paris Responds After Shutting 3-Year-Old Boy Out Of Princess Event

Anyone can be a princess.

As young children, Disney led us to believe this was true. Cinderella became a princess even though she was covered in embers. Belle became a princess even though she was ostracized by the townsfolk. Tiana became a princess even though she came from a humble background. All things concerned, Disney makes a point that money and royal blood have nothing to do with being a princess.

Unfortunately, they’re huge sticklers for gender biases.

Disneyland Paris was hit with strong backlash after banning a three-year-old boy from their “Princess for a Day” event. According to People, Hayley McLean-Glass took her son Noah to Disneyland for a day of fun. McLean-Glass admitted that her son was a huge fan of Princess (Or Queen?) Elsa from Frozen. His love for the Queen of Ice and Snow resulted in a number of Frozen-themed toys and merch around the house, including his own costume.

ITV News

“He wears his beloved Elsa dress all day every day…he even refuses to take it off at bedtime.” McLean-Glass wrote on her blog. “He knows every single word to “Let It Go” and all of the other Frozen songs, he’d be able to stand on your stage in the Frozen show and give your Elsa a run for her money I’m sure! If there’s such thing as a Frozen super fan, Noah is it!”

The loving mother later emailed the Disneyland Hotel, which holds the “Princess for a Day” event, if she could reserve a spot for her son. Disneyland promptly emailed her back saying:

“At this time it is not possible to book Princess for a Day for a boy.”

McLean-Glass was outraged, and for good reason. Get with the times, Disney. These days we have Wonder Woman and other strong female leads in a male dominated society. Why can’t boys have opportunities that girls have? What is so bad about letting a three-year-old boy be a princess?


Following her blog post and support from friends and family, Disneyland Paris issued an official statement apologizing for the experience. They also claimed that the email was “an isolated incident” and “is not reflective of any policy or belief held here at Disneyland Paris.”

Disneyland claimed that they regard diversity highly in all their park guests. According to an ITV News report, they stated that now girls and boys can participate in the Princess for a Day experience. I just wish that McLean-Glass and her son didn’t have to go through all that in the first place.

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