DJ Khaled Is Helping One UW-Madison Freshman Make History With 43,000 Bottles Of Mentos Gum

Being a freshman in college is about two big things: making new connections and getting motivated. The relationships you make in college (whether socially or professionally) are the kind that serve you forever, that better you as a person in so many ways, inside and outside the classroom. Motivation is what helps you stay ambitious in academics, active in extracurriculars and looking ever forward to the future, including graduation and beyond.

There are few people in life who are icons when it comes to making connections and staying motivated, but if there’s one man who knows all about making those two things into an empire, it’s DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled is an international superstar, a hit-maker and cultural icon, a person who took Snapchat to another level and basically crafted the soundtrack to summer 2017. He’s now stepping out of the studio and from behind the Snap filters to help one University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman learn those two big lessons with the help of a whole lot of Mentos Gum.

Meet Sam Jeschke, a new student at the college’s Madison, Wisconsin campus and the bearer of this challenge. It’s his job to hand out 43,000 packs of Mentos Gum by his first day of class. What’s motivating him? A free concert for his fellow classmates with DJ Khaled as a headliner.


If there’s anything that can get any college freshman out of bed for their 8:00 A.M. (Mentos in hand), it’s definitely these two words:

You can also root Sam on using #SamHasMentosGum on social media, something that DJ Khaled knows everything about.

We asked the always positive Khaled about why he got involved, how Sam could complete the big challenge and what his next big move is.

What made you want to get involved with the #SamHasMentosGum campaign?
Mentos, I’m a big fan. I use Mentos, I eat Mentos, I chew Mentos. I love the idea of challenging Sam, a young college student at Wisconsin University. What a blessing to have a challenge to give away 43,000 bottles of Mentos gum. That doesn’t happen every day. When he accomplishes this challenge, I’m going to come out there and salute him and praise him for his hard work and for his dedication, and perform for him and all the fans at Wisconsin University.

Last time I checked, Sam had around 39,000 connections to make. That’s a lot of gum. What are your tips for Sam to complete the challenge?
I’d say [for Same to] give out [gum] to the whole university. A saying I have is “another one.” Give him “another one,” double up. When I chew Mentos, I eat them all, I put three, four, five in my mouth at one time.

That is great advice, I need to follow that in my daily routine. How did you become so well connected as an artist? What has helped you?
I praise God every day. I’m very consistent about praising God every day. I’m very grateful for this life, that we have the opportunity to accomplish anything we want to accomplish. It’s on you as much as you want to do. When I wake up, I wake up to a beautiful family, my son, my queen and I go hard every single day. I take my dreams and turn them into goals. God is great.

Moving forward, what’s next for you? Are there any collaborations or fun projects on the way?
I’m always making music and I shot some movies. I’m going to be on Pitch Perfect 3… I did a movie with Jamie Foxx, I did some TV stuff. Right now, it’s all about Mentos.

If you’re all about Mentos and want the students of UW-Madison to enjoy a free concert, get involved by going to Bless up.

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