Bachelor Nation Is Losing It Over Kristina Schulman’s Amazing ‘BIP’ Exit

Watching Bachelor In Paradise is a trial. It’s not easy. These people don’t make it simple to enjoy this show and the latest culprit in the frustrating life of BIP fans has been none other than Dean Unglert. Fans originally wanted him to be the next Bachelor, but his most recent love triangle has left us all feeling duped and scorned.

Basically, this is Bachelor Nation to Dean:

If you aren’t a fan, just know that Dean put everyone’s favorite girl, Kristina, through a whole love triangle in which he basically kept her around as an option, attempted to invalidate her feelings of abandonment and then whined like a baby about his own self-pity while also making out with the girl he decided was more “interesting.” Luckily, on the September 4 episode, Kristina finally stuck up for herself, said goodbye to the cast (and the f*ckboy of the century Dean) and left everyone shook without a damn rose in sight.

Two words for Kristina: YAS. QUEEN.

Seriously, everyone was so excited to watch Kristina finally do what she should have done so long ago.

Not only were Twitter users excited for Kristina to say “peace out” to everyone on that godforsaken hellscape of an island, they also were ready to call out her castmate Raven for accusing Kristina of being a “typical girl” in placing accountability on another woman (D-Lo) for her part in the dreaded Bermuda Triangle of Kris, Dean and D-Lo.

Raven responded that her frustration came from empathy, which is a great sentiment.

Let’s just focus on Kristina. Everyone was so excited to see her light up that rose ceremony in flames. She was the Arya Stark of┬árose ceremonies. To quote Queen Kris herself, “Karma is a bitch.”

For his part, Dean is staying away from social media, which is a great idea. If he were to so much as even scroll through his timeline, so many viewers would be awaiting him with torches and chants of “DESTROY HIM.” We’ve gone from #DeanForBachelor to #KristinaForBachelor and all is right in the world, my friends. This show just got a little easier to watch.

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