The Guy Being Haunted By David Posted A Creepy New Video

Adam Ellis is convinced he’s being haunted by this demon named David. If you have no idea what I’m talking about read the original postΒ that explains it all. Trust me you’ll be hooked and want an update, which is this post.

His last update was footage of his apartment from a cat monitoring camera. It showed the green chair, that David sat on, moving randomly. It also showed a turtle shell hanging on his wall falling.

Now Adam has released more creepy footage from his secret camera and it’s looking like David (or something else) is still there.

His cats were in the living room and the footage is wild.

The next night the footage captured this.

Adam has ruled out that it could be a bug or fly because he rarely gets them.

That’s how he ended his recent thread but fans are noticing something else crazy from his first video. Watch it again.

Did you see it? Did you see the green jar on the table move?

If you don’t believe in ghosts well you better start. That green jar didn’t move by itself.

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