A Twitter User Shared How He Is Living An IRL Scary Movie & The Story Is Terrifying









You know how sometimes in the beginning of scary movies it’ll say “based on a true story” and you’re like ‘HAHA SURE THIS IS.’ Well, do I have news for you.

Twitter user Adam Ellis shared a terryfing experience that he is having involving a ghost.

Adam started his Twitter thread with a very ominous, but intriguing start. He said that his apartment is “being haunted by the ghost of a dead child” who is trying to kill Adam.

He followed that tweet up by saying “He started appearing in dreams, but I think he’s crossed over into the real world.” The key words are “I think,” but by the end of this you’ll be convinced.

Adam starts to explain how the dreams started and what was in them.

Adam is an illustrator so the drawing is probably accurate. It’s enough to give me nightmares. Adam continues how his dream went.

Scary stuff. But it gets scarier. Adam then has a second dream that explains the weird misshapen little boy. In this dream he is in a library and not in his bedroom.

Those rules seem simple enough, but the consequence is so great. What is wrong with a third question? I would use one of my questions to ask what he has against a third question.

Don’t worry David, the little boy, came back in one of Adam’s dream.

UM THAT’S THREE QUESTIONS ADAM! And he didn’t even say “Dear David” in front of the third question! There were two simple rules! Adam realized his mistake don’t worry.

Okay sorry but spirits are dumb. How could he not find him when he was only a floor above? Either way at least Adam is safe from David, for now.

So his cats keep going to the door at the same time every night.

He did what any sane person would do and deadbolt lock the door and go to bed. Now he’s on to new tactic.

Then Adam started taking pictures in and around his apartment. It didn’t end well.

After much deliberation he takes a second photo of the hallway.

He tried another tactic and got some sage.

After this he went to go get coffee and passed a warehouse that is usually super busy on the weekends.

Now Adam is getting calls from unknown numbers. He answered one time and it didn’t go well.

That freaked Adam out and rightfully so. He bought a pet monitoring camera to watch his cats while he was away. The camera picks up on motion and sound. He has gotten some pretty freaky footage from the camera.


He got a second alert and it’s just as creepy.

Since then he has put the chair in the hallway.

UM WHAT. Adam needs to scrub his apartment clean with Holy Water. Then he needs to get someone to bless the space. I would be worried for my life.

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