Twitter Helped This Guy With Wedding Hashtags & The Puns Are Amazing

Every wedding has a punny #hashtag to go along with the nuptials. Wedding hashtag’s have become so important that some people have made careers out of coming up with the social media staple.

Couples want their hashtag to be memorable and original. The originality is usually the easiest because most hashtags involve the bride and/or grooms last names.

So if you have a great last name the puns are going to be easy, but if your last name is long and complicated to pronounce creating the perfect wedding hashtag is going to be a lot harder than usual.

On Friday Twitter user @gracerandles tweeted about a huge fear of hers about her future wedding hashtag.

Her tweet blew up, because turns out she’s not alone. But this one response was golden. Steven Kleinschmidt quote tweeted her tweet and added “I wanna apologize now to my future wife,” because of his last name.

Since then it’s been Twitter’s mission to come up with pun filled wedding hashtags for Steven and his future wife. At first glance is seems like Kleinschmidt is a lost cause, but the internet really pulled through. The responses are really clever.

This one is my personal favorite.

#WeAreTakingHerLastName is a great standard hashtag when all the other puns fall flat. Or you can just ask Twitter to help come up with your wedding hashtag because clearly they’re really good at it.

Celebrate National Orgasm Day With Memes, Among Other Things
Celebrate National Orgasm Day With Memes, Among Other Things
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