This Guy Was Suspended From School After Mocking His Ex’s Apology Letter On Twitter

If you’ve been yearning for a boyfriend, but still haven’t cuffed anyone, you should reflect and count your blessings.

I’d rather be single than date Nick Lutz. His ex-girlfriend wrote him a handwritten apology letter so he edited it, graded it, sent it back to her and then put it on Twitter for the whole world to see.

In his tweet, you can clearly read the letter his ex wrote. She apologized for all the dumb arguments she started and mean things she said to him. She also swore she never cheated on him. She wrote four full pages apologizing to him.

But now Nick is reaping what he sowed, thanks to karma. His ex didn’t take it lightly when he posted her inner feelings to the whole entire internet. It’s almost like people don’t want to be vulnerable on a website that is ruthless and filled with trolls. So, his ex filed cyber bullying claim against him.

Even though prosecutors didn’t pursue charges, Lutz’s college, the University of Central Florida, suspended him over the viral tweet. The best part is that his ex-girlfriend doesn’t even go to UCF.

UCF said that the tweet violated its code of conduct against cyber bullying. His suspension is for two semesters and then will include probation. His lawyer says that it’s against his first amendment rights.

All I know is that you better be careful about the tea you spill because karma comes for everyone. Single life doesn’t seem so bad after this.


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