#BestThingAboutFriendship Is Trending On Twitter & It’s So Cute

With so much hate in the world lately, it’s heart-warming to see people acknowledge their loved ones.

Friends are some of the most important individuals in your life, but probably the ones you most often forget to thank or tell them why you love them so much. They’re the family you get to choose and the ones you make some of the best memories with. They are there for you to binge-eat pizza with, listen to you talk about your ex, tell you when your eyeliner is smudged and hate all the same people that you do. People took to Twitter to share what they love most about friendship. It’s everything from accepting each other’s weirdness to supporting each others flaws to crazy inside jokes.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest and most adorable responses to #BestThingAboutFriendship.




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