Jamie Foxx Girlfriends 2021: Who Is Jamie Dating Now?

Jamie Foxx has definitely made his mark in Hollywood.

As an Academy Award-winning actor and Grammy Award-winning musician, Foxx is pretty versatile in terms of talent. He is best known for his roles in Ray, Django Unchained, Annie, Miami Vice and The Amazing Spiderman 2. Oprah Winfrey asked the star about his dating life and why Foxx wasn’t married back in 2014, to which he responded, “You get your heart broken one good time, it’s catastrophic for a man.”

So, who broke this man’s heart? We’ve rounded up some of Foxx’s past (and current!) lovers so you can be the judge of who made the greatest impact on this Hollywood star.

Leila Arcieri 2004 – 2005

Foxx dated actress Leila Arcieri for eight-months before breaking it off, allegedly getting engaged at one point.

Christina Millian 2005

These two were just a rumor, but regardless, they’re still great friends.

Fantasia Barrino 2006

Foxx and Fantasia had a little fling back in 2006. They even shared a kiss at the BET Awards. Foxx joked that he didn’t mean for the kiss to be that intense, but he enjoyed it.

Katie Holmes 2013 – 2017

The one we’ve all been waiting for! After four years of hiding their relationship, Foxx and Holmes have finally gone public. It was rumored that they couldn’t reveal their love because Holmes was committed to not being in a public relationship five years following her divorce from Tom Cruise. Foxx and Holmes were seen Labor Day weekend 2017 doing what all Hollywood couples do: strolling while holding hands on a beach in Malibu wearing matching fedoras. #Goals. Keeping a secret as big as this one must have been a real challenge especially being in the spotlight like these two.








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