Two Fashion Giants Are Banning Size 0 Models

New York Fashion Week is amongst us. This is when we see trends that will eventually trickle down into fast fashion. Fashion bloggers strut their stuff on the sidewalk, while models do so on the runway. It’s the most magical time of year if you love clothes.

But the fashion world isn’t all thigh high leather boots and tailored belted wool jackets. There is a huge problem that is on display during NYFW and it’s about the size of the models on the runway. Typically models are stick thin. Being thin is so closely in conjunction with being a model that eating disorders are connected to the industry.

Today two major fashion companies took steps at being more careful about the models they hire. LVMH who owns Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Kering who owns Gucci, Puma and Yves Saint Laurent, have pledged to not hire models who are size 0 or below. LVMH and Kering decision comes after French legislation that all models will need a doctor’s note saying they’re healthy based on age, weight and body shape.

This by no means is a dramatic step to include plus-size models like Ashley Graham. But it does discourage models from starving themselves and feeling the need to be sickly skinny. In past fashion weeks, models have been treated poorly and told to lose weight, while already being a size 2 or 0. LVMH and Kering taking a stand and saying they won’t hire anyone size 0 or under is a step in the right direction.

The CEO of Kering, Francois-Henri Pinault, who is married to Salma Hayek, hopes the companies stance will start a trend. “We hope to inspire the entire industry to follow suit, thus making a real difference in the working condition of fashion models industry-wide,” he said in a statement.

Hopefully NYFW will be starting a new trend, not about clothes, but rather about healthy models.

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