It Is 2017 & A Real Tiger Was Spotted Roaming Atlanta

Authorities in Atlanta, Georgia got a call of a lifetime. There was a a tiger spotted near a highway in southeast Atlanta early Wednesday morning.

Things got heated when the tiger started wandering into residential area. Homeowner Brittney Speck told the Atlanta Journal she was woken up by flashing police lights and her dog barking like crazy in the backyard.

“I poked my head out the front door and then one of the officers yelled at me to get back inside,” she said. Brittney went to a back window to check on her dog. That’s when she spotted the tiger. She called 911, “That’s when, I guess, the tiger had jumped on top of my dog, and the officers just started firing rounds and took it down, and then gave me my dog back,” she said.

Brittney says that her dog will be okay and is just “a little shaken up.” She is glad that her three children were safe inside when the tiger was in their backyard. She said the tiger was a huge and full-grown.

Finally the owners of the runaway tiger have been revealed. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources said the tiger belonged to Feld Entertainment Inc. The company was contracted to transport the tiger. Clearly they aren’t doing a good job of that.

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