College Students Can Now Get Hulu For Free

What sounds like a perfect, relaxing day to you?

For many people, it involves waking up without the help of an alarm, eating without considering the calories and watching TV without having to rush or worry. Netflix and Hulu have been the stuff of dreams when it comes to creating so many perfect days and now everyone’s fave source of TV shows is doing something big.

Hulu is now giving college students access to their service for FREE.

Do you hear that? Yep, this song is now playing in your head.

Consider today perfect.

There is a catch, but luckily, it’s a catch that works perfectly with a college student’s budget and listening habits.

Spotify teamed up with Hulu to give students free Hulu On-Demand streaming AND Spotify Premium access for only $4.99. This means that you’re given access to both services but only paying for one, making Hulu effectively free.

Consider your weekend plans cancelled. The only way this doesn’t work for college kids is that it’s going to cut into study time. Turn up the music for your pregames and watch TV through the hangover… the only way this could be better would be some sort of Taco Bell delivery service. Seamless, are you listening?

We’re not the only ones rejoicing.

Your most relaxing day may only be $4.99 away. You’re welcome!

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