The Internet Is Far Too Concerned With Jessica Simpson’s 4-Year-Old Son Getting His First Haircut

McCarthy/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson — ‘member her? — is back in the news for the silliest reason: her son got a haircut.

The pop star posted a photo on Instagram documenting Ace’s first haircut. At four years old, his blonde locks had gotten pretty long, and social media users are “congratulating” Jessica on her son resembling a boy due to his shorter hair.

First, a look at Ace before his new ‘do.

And here’s the haircut:

“First haircut ✔️ (Thanks @jessieholiday for making my stud look all grown up 😢) ” Jessica captioned the snap.

If you ask me, this kid is a straight-up stud either way. But look at the Instagram photo’s comments, and it’s clear some people had an issue with Ace’s longer locks.

“Finally! He looks like a boy!” one person commented.

Another wrote, “Now you can see that cute face…long hair belongs on girls, not boys.”

If only you could witness my eyes rolling out my head.

Now, could someone please tell me what job these people have where they can spend their time concerned about singers’ kids’ hair? Because I would like to have time to ponder such trivial matters.


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