This College Student Woke Up On An Abandoned Train After Fleeing Hurricane Irma

Claire Connelly had an exhausting day evacuating Florida Golf Coast University because of Hurricane Irma. The freshmen drove six hours to the airport to fly from Florida to Detroit to Newark before getting on a train to her home in Highlands, New Jersey. Things didn’t go quiet as Claire planned though.

Claire fell asleep on the train, which is standard after a full day of traveling. But she woke up horrified in an abandoned train car in Raritan, New Jersey, about two hours away from her hometown. She was stuck in the train car in a rail yard.

only i would wake up on an empty NJTransit train parked and shut down in a trainyard 2 hours from my home. that was an interesting 911 call

— claire bridget (@claaiirreeyyy) September 6, 2017

She posted a video to her Twitter of her on the train car, “I literally just fell asleep on my train. I’m on a train. There is no one on.” She sent out a follow up tweet exclaiming that she was yelling on the train for help, but no one answered. “The train was completely empty and shut down for the night.”

literally i was screaming at the top of my lungs for help lmfao no one answered, the train was completely empty and shut down for the night

— claire bridget (@claaiirreeyyy) September 7, 2017

Claire called 911 to come rescue her from the train car. She told that her phone was on five percent and was thankful her phone didn’t die before calling the police. She said that the train was “completely locked and shut down,” for the night. After she was saved, she realized that she was on the wrong train to begin with. The ticket guy, who is supposed to make sure you’re getting on the right train, didn’t even notice.

i was on the wrong train in general i found out after i got saved..the guy who checks tickets didnt even notice mine said Middletown NJ

— claire bridget (@claaiirreeyyy) September 7, 2017

Then after this whole ordeal the police blamed her for the incident. When in fact it’s the conductor’s job to check the train and make sure no one is on before shutting it down and leaving for the night.

the cop said it was my fault because i should be responsible

— claire bridget (@claaiirreeyyy) September 7, 2017

Needless to say, this is a commuter’s nightmare.

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