The Princeton Review’s 2018 Rankings Are Here

For the last 26 years The Princeton Review has been ranking colleges. They have rankings from “Best Professors” to “Best Party School.” With a total of 62 categories and 382 schools the “Best College” lists can give you a headache. The Princeton Review takes their rankings seriously and gather all their data and information from students themselves. About 137,000 students from 382 schools were surveyed so these lists are pretty accurate.

Don’t worry about searching through their 62 lists because College Candy found the best and complied them right here for you. Keep scrolling to see who is the #1 party school for this year.

Happiest Students

1. Vanderbilt University

2. Rice University

3. University of Oklahoma

4. Tulane University

5. College of William and Mary

Best Athletic Game Attendance

1. Syracuse University

2. Clemson University

3. Kansas State University

4. University of Oklahoma

5. Marquette University

Most Beautiful Campus

1. University of San Diego

2. Bucknell University

3. Bryn Mawr College

4. Elon University

5. Vanderbilt University

Best College Newspaper

1. Syracuse University

2. Columbia University

3. Ithaca College

4. Pennsylvania State University – University Park

5. Loyola University New Orleans

Biggest Greek Life Presence

1. Bucknell University

2. Transylvania University

3. Lehigh University

4. San Diego State University

5. University of Delaware

Best College Town

1. Tulane University

2. Columbia University

3. American University

4. University of San Francisco

5. Stevens Institute of Technology

Most 420 Friendly

1. University of Vermont

2. Ithaca College

3. Bard College

4. Eckerd College

5. University of Colorado – Boulder

Biggest Party School

1. Tulane University

2. West Virginia University

3. Bucknell University

4. Syracuse University

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison

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