How To Create The Best College Schedule For Yourself

Whether you are at freshman orientation staring cluelessly at the schedule planner screen or you’re going into your second year still unsure of what the best schedule is for you, there is help when it comes to figuring out the best college schedule.

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking your college class schedule is similar to your high school class schedule: unimportant. In high school, at the end of the day, it didn’t matter when your classes were too much because they were going to end up fitting into your school day regardless. However, in college, it is completely up to you when you want to go to class.

With college, you can choose whether you want to take your Chemistry class from 4-7 P.M. or 8-11 A.M. The choice is all yours. You can decide whether or not you want all morning classes, afternoon classes or even evening classes. The trick though, is that you have to decide what will truly be best for you. 

Do not make the same mistake millions of college students make when creating their schedules. You may want to fall into the trap of scheduling all afternoon/evening classes so that you can sleep in. But, you know that you work best when you can get everything done in the morning and have the rest of your day.

Your schedule each day is not just the order of your classes, it is your life. You have to work in time during this routine to study, to do homework, to eat, to hang out with friends and to sleep. My first semester of college I gave myself all afternoon classes but I found that when I was able to sleep in, I got nothing done. I just sat around until my classes and when they were finally over in the evening I had no energy to do any school work.

Personally, I found the best schedule that worked for me was to have all of my classes in the morning/early afternoon. That way, I have time eat lunch after or in between and can make time to study and get all of my work done while still having a life later in the day.

The most important concept for you to take from this: keep in mind when you are able to work at your best and when you will make time to study, workout, have a job, hang out with friends, etc. That is the key to creating the best class schedule for yourself.

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