Rochester Institute Of Technology Under Fire For Their Sexual Assault Presentation

Rochester Institute of Technology is in the midst of their five day long orientation for new students. One of their may presentation’s was about sexual assault on campus, which is a huge deal.

A student from RIT snapped a picture of one of the 77 slides about campus sexual assault and it’s not good. The slide has a picture of Roo, the baby kangaroo from Winnie The Pooh, with the title “Think of Roo!” Roo is an acronym for rub one out.

The Twitter user who shared the snapped said that the slide was to “teach about how to not rape,” insinuating instead of raping just to masturbate. That idea gets further solidified by the caption at the bottom of the photo says, “Self-gratification can prevent sexual assault.” Obviously this isn’t going over well.

This slide is diminishing rape culture and making rape seem like it isn’t a serious issue. Meanwhile university officials are saying the slide was taken out of context. The slide was supposed to represent a solution for someone when their partner doesn’t consent to sex.

There are other slides that were also posted to Twitter an it seems like RIT needs a refresher on rape culture and sexual assault. There’s a slide with the title, “A moment of your time…” and then it is broken into bullet points. The bullet points read, “Do NOT masturbate on cam with strangers.” So very helpful and informative.

The Twitter user posted another shot from the sexual assault orientation. The title of the slide says, “Alcohol and Chill: Let’s Talk About It.” the caption for the slide reads, “You can masturbate on a schedule without doing it on cam,” um, what RIT?

The university refuses to acknowledge the incident directly. Instead they keep referring to Darci Lane-Williams, RIT’s Cent for Women and Gender, comments published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Darci kept stating, “At no point did we say that masturbation is a deterrent to rape.”

Maybe RIT should learn something from their students and proofread their work.

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