Taylor Swift Fans Figured Out The Title Of Her Next Single









The FBI should hire Taylor Swift‘s fans because nothing gets passed them. They think they figured out the title for Taylor’s next single and the evidence is convincing.

Taylor has been leaving her fans clues this entire time to her songs and they are finally putting the pieces together. Let’s start from the top. As you should know, Taylor scrubbed her social clean to rebrand and drop her new music and new Taylor. When she announced her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” she captioned the post “…read for it? New single #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo out now.”


Taylor’s second single is titled “Ready For It,” which is what she captioned her first single. Coincidence? Definitely not.


When her second single came out fans were quick to notice that they’ve totally seen those words before.


So now her fans are closely paying attention to what Taylor is posting. You don’t wipe out your social media, start from scratch and not be super deliberate and particular with what you post.

If this theory is right, which I and every Taylor fan out there does, her next single should be titled “Second Glance” or “A Second Glance.” That is what she captioned her post announcing her second single. Her caption read, “A second glance into #reputation…ready for it?”

Interesting stuff Taylor. Nice try attempting to be sly, but your fans are onto you! Anyways just drop the next single.

Taylor Swift’s Music Video Director Said BeyoncĂ© Copied Taylor First
Taylor Swift’s Music Video Director Said BeyoncĂ© Copied Taylor First
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