Every Different Era Of Taylor Swift, As Told By Her Music Videos








Taylor Swift is a master at revamping her image, whether it’s through her looks or her music. While she may have gone quiet over the last few years, we all know it’s because she’s planning something epic, and her latest music video has given us a glimpse of what we’ve yet to see.


Taylor always keeps us on our toes, from when she completely wiped clean all her social media platforms to suddenly springing on us a new single and release date for her album. She has proved to continue evolving over the years and her newest stage might be the best one yet. Take a look at all the eras of Taylor Swift we’ve witnessed over the years.

Taylor Swift 


The OG savage,  Taylor has been throwing shade since she started in the industry, mostly at ex-lovers who did her wrong. Armed with her acoustic guitar and a heap of curls flying behind her, no relationship was spared. Deemed the girl-next-door, she built her fanbase on writing about things everyone could relate to, from high school romances to insecurity.



By now, Taylor has gained status as America’s sweetheart and with the release of Fearless, broke multiple records due to her young age. She’s had a squeaky clean image up to this point and it was during this time the infamous VMA incident occurred with Kanye West, when the latter interrupted her acceptance speech to talk in favor of Beyonce. It wasn’t a surprise when more than a few celebrities, and President Obama, called out Kanye for it.

Speak Now 


While her first two albums were mainly about romances had before she gained stardom, Taylor’s Speak Now garnered her a reputation for writing about fellow celebrities she dated, from “Back to December,” “Dear John,” and “Innocent,” to name a few. Some of the celebrities she sung about didn’t take kindly to being her muse, and returned the favor with tracks of their own.



Her look, and her videos, all adopted a retro vibe in 2012 with Taylor seemingly shedding her country roots. She ditched her curls and permanently painted on red lips. Red ended up being her last album with country elements.



The release of this video seemed to confirm rumors about Taylor and Katy Perry‘s feud. She’s no longer the scorned ex, she’s now the girl who isn’t afraid to target someone she thinks is messing with her or her brand. Her music has transitioned to full-on pop, and is probably her most successful album to date. It was around this time when her friendships with fellow high-profile celebrities garnered them status as a girl squad.



During Taylor’s three-year hiatus, she’s had her share of controversy, from her highly publicized relationship with Calvin Harris, to the breakup, to her immediate jump into dating actor Tom Hiddleston. Calvin spoke out publicly when Taylor and him were engaged in a crediting battle over a song they worked on together. Taylor then won a sexual assault trial. Then, over the following months, her seemingly tight-knit squad ended up not being so tight after all when multiple celebrities spoke out about their misinterpreted friendship.

Taylor’s new music video sent us all for a loop, from the song to the video, in which she hid tons of clues. At the end, we see 15 Taylor’s to represent her past, and she may just be done with them all in favor of being the villainess.

The video has shattering numbers, as it holds the record for the most viewed video in the first 24 hours of its debut on YouTube. It currently has 52 million views. Taylor pokes fun at herself, calls herself out, and may have targeted Kimye, in a mere four minutes.

Long gone are the floral headbands and the prom dresses. She’s got a reputation, and she’s not apologizing for it.

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