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The Meadows is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning what you’re daily music schedule is going to look like. You already have your outfit planned out. But now it’s time to really inspect the lineup.

The big headliners are Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Future, Migos andRed Hot Chili Peppers. Everyone knows those bands, otherwise they wouldn’t be headlining. But what are you going to do waiting around for Hov’s set? The smaller lineup is just as stacked as the headliners.


These are College Candy’s top five must-see up and coming artists that are playing at The Meadows. Tickets are still available if you haven’t already purchased one. Trust us, you don’t want to miss these musical acts.

Sky Ferreira


Sky has been in the music business for awhile. She got her first record deal at 17 and now has two EP’s and a full length album under her belt. She opened for Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour during her international leg. She recently starred and wrote the song “Easy” for Baby Driver. She has been hinting at her second album, Masochism for some time so maybe we will hear some new music. Sky is a must-see at The Meadows.

See Sky perform on Friday, September 15 at 4 PM on the Queens Blvd Stage.



Time named her one of 14 music artists to watch in 2014 and trust me you still need to watch her. Lizzo started her career forming and bouncing around different musical groups. It wasn’t until she went solo that she found national success. She’s playing on Late Show With David Lettermen and Anna Faris’ podcast Unqualified. Lizzo just dropped her new single “Water Me” so maybe we’ll hear more new music at The Meadows.

Watch Lizzo perform on Friday, September 15 at 2:15 PM on The Meadows Stage.

Public Access T.V.


This post-punk rock band is a can’t miss. Public Access T.V. has played with The Strokes, Weezer and Green Day. They have the reputation to back them up to be a household name. They are fresh off touring with The Killers and The Pixies and are going to kill it at The Meadows. If you’re looking for a new age rock band to outweigh the heavy rap headliners then Public Access T.V. is your answer.

Catch Public Access T.V. play on Saturday, September 16 at 12:45 PM on The Meadows Stage

Swet Shop Boys


You may not be familiar with the hip-hop group Swet Shop Boys, but you may know Riz Ahmed who is the group’s frontman. Riz is mostly known for his acting. He had breakout roles in The Nigh Of and Star Wars: Rogue One. Their EP Sufi La dropped at the beginning of summer. They were also just featured in Charli XCX’s stacked “Boys” music video. Expect a high energy performance, you’ll definitely leave a fan.

See Swet Shop Boys perform on Saturday, September 16 at 1:30 PM on the American Eagle Stage

Wild Belle


This sister brother band is sure to mellow you out as the music festival winds down. They only have two studio albums out but Wild Belle has received critical success. Their song “Shine” was featured on a Grey’s Anatomy episode and their song “Keep You” was covered in Pitch Perfect. If you haven’t heard of them you probably already listened to them before. They had a major collaboration with Diplo and Major Lazer for his third album Peace Is the Mission. Don’t miss their set at The Meadows.

Watch Wild Belle play on Sunday, September 17 at 1:30 PM on the American Eagle Stage. 

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