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Here’s Your Fest Fashion Inspo For The Meadows


Festival fashion has grown into its own sub-genre of fashion. Each festival has a different aesthetic, so it’s important that your outfits are perfectly tailored for the festival you’re attending. You can’t show up to The Meadows dressed like you’re ready for Coachella.

This year’s Meadows lineup is stacked and you have to look your best.

The festival falls in between the end of summer and the beginning of fall so dressing for it is a bit tricky. You can’t roll up to the festival in a bra top and hot pants, you’ll be freezing. But it isn’t quite sweater weather yet.

So how can you look cute, while jamming out to Jay-Z and Migos? Well, the key is to wear lots of cute layers that are also comfy. The Meadows has a stacked food lineup too, so you definitely need to wear pants with some wiggle room. Wearing athleisure makes being cute and comfortable so easy.

Click through the gallery for some much-needed outfit inspiration for The Meadows.

If you haven’t already copped your passes, it’s not too late to buy tickets for the festival. You can buy tickets for The Meadows here.

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