The New iPhone X Presentation Sparked Hilarious Memes

Apple had it’s key note today. The world basically stopped to hear Tim Cook explain the new Apple products. The big reveal was the iPhone X. There’s an iPhone 8 and 8+ don’t worry, but the X has all the bells and whistles. The biggest different is that the X doesn’t have a home button. It uses facial recognition to unlock your phone.

The photo they used for the presentation is one of NIGHTMARES. It was just a bunch of floating faces. It’s like they pulled masks out of Arya Stark’s bag in Game of Thrones.

Who are all these white men coming for me? Are their faces trying to slide into my DM’s? Despite the creepy floating faces the iPhone X has caused a stir. Mostly because it’s the first time the iPhone has strayed from the original model. It also expensive as hell. The X will cost you $999 and a lot of patience to wait in line.

The face recognition feature sparked tweets that weren’t about Arya. These user’s get 10/10 and all the gold stars for their originality.

The same technology for the face recognition is being used to create 3D emoji’s that will scan your facial expression. It’s like a create your own ending but for the Emoji Movie. The thing no one knew they needed or asked for.

But mostly RIP to the iPhone 9. It never existed, but we won’t forget you. Your time just isn’t now.

Right before the X was revealed Tim talked about the new iPhone 8. It’s essentially just a better 7, nothing fancy.

Jokes aside, even though the X or the 8 don’t have a headphone jack, four way calling or group FaceTime they’re both in high demand.

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